East is East

Appreciating the growing movement of lifestyles of health and sustainability, East is East consciously integrates local and organic food into the menu, has harvested sustainable materials for restaurant interiors, and works to decrease its carbon footprint with small steps in the right direction. Anybody who has traveled along the ancient Silk Road will know of the quaint dhabbas (eateries) that have served adventurous travellers through the centuries. Today, these dhabbas have transformed into charming little street vendors that dot the Silk Road from Mongolia through Tibet, India, Persia, to Istanbul. At East is East, we capture the vibrant energy of these charming dhabbas that represent the beauty and diverse flavours of this ancient region.



Keeping in mind the safety of our guests and staff, we have move to takeout only. Delivery options are available here.



12pm-8pm Sunday-Thursday // 12pm-9pm Friday-Saturday